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2011 St. Mary's River Fishing Report for Sault Ste. Marie Area
Greetings fellow fishermen, and thanks for visiting our 2011 fishing report! Please stop back regularly to view the most accurate, up-to-date, no bull fishing report for the trout and salmon fisheries (and others) found throughout the St. Mary's River system and the surrounding waters. 


Tight Lines!


Captain Travis White

St. Mary's Guide Company

Summer 2011

July 7, 2011

Fishing Report: Water temps are currently approaching 55 F in the St. Mary's River. Thus far there has been no major insect activity, with the exception of a few Caddis, but fish numbers continue to build. There have been a lot of smelt available during the past several weeks, and we are starting to see some very exciting surface activity from Atlantics crashing on bait. So far the tagging study has been an enlightening exercise. Out of the first 25 fish tagged this season, 2 were recaptured by us within a week of the original capture dates, and we know of at least 2 others that were harvested by other fishermen out of these 25 fish. This suggests that there are not nearly as many fish in the river as some fishermen think there are, and the benefits and impact of catch and release on this fishery are significant. Other anglers fishing in the area have been starting to catch whitefish fairly consistently. 



July 1, 2011

Special Report: This summer, the St. Mary's Guide Company is supporting the research efforts of Lake Superior State University's Aquatic Research Laboratory (ARL) in order to learn more about our beloved Atlantic Salmon and to provide data that will eventually support future fisheries management in Lake Huron and the St. Mary's River. This summer, you'll see us tagging the Atlantic Salmon that we capture on rod and reel with small floy (spaghetti) tags. The tagging process takes just a couple minutes, during which the fish are held in an aerated livewell on our boat and handled with extreme care. Once they are tagged, they are then measured and identified with a unique tag number. We record several key details pertaining to the health, age, sex, size, location, and condition of the fish and return them to the river so that we can catch them again another day (and yes this actually happens). Part of our study will involve estimating the population of fish returning to the St. Mary's River during the Atlantic Salmon run. This will be done using a number of scientific research methods once the data we collect is turned over to the Aquatic Research Laboratory. The data analysis is an integral part of the fisheries curriculum at Lake Superior State University and provides students with valuable real-world training. The way we will be able to determine the size of the returning run relies on the support and cooperation of our fellow anglers, and we sincerely hope that as the tagged Atlantics are captured by other anglers throughout the summer that they will report their catch to the Aquatic Research Laboratory by calling (906) 635-1949. Anglers will be asked when and where they caught their fish, but most importantly anglers are asked to remember the tag number and provide the number on the tag to the researchers. As always, we strongly encourage the practice of catch and release for Atlantic Salmon. We greatly value their beauty and strength as a sport fish, and to us they are worth far more alive and on the end of our lines (or yours!) than they are on the table.


June 30, 2011

Fishing Report: Atlantic Salmon action is heating up, and fresh fish have been arriving every day! With water temps still in the low 50's, we're anticipating great fishing throughout July and possibly into August if we're lucky. We still have prime dates available, though our weekends are almost fully booked for the month of July. 


June 14, 2011

Fishing Report: For those who were paying attention to last week's fishing report, you may recall that now is the time for the first fresh Atlantics of the summer!!! These first fresh fish are big brutes, mad and ornery, and hot for a good scrap. Our prime dates are starting to get booked up, so if you're considering booking this summer, do not procrastinate with your booking or you may suffer from a traumatic lack of trout this season! Water temps are still cool, currently in the low 50's. Cool temps now and a late spring should make for a great season. On a side note, we've been doing a bit of exploring in Lake Superior and have discovered that the Lake Trout population is doing quite well! Some big fish were hooked this past week, inspiring visions of man-eating fish lurking in the deep blue. Inquire at your own risk!



June 7, 2011

Fishing Report: Water temps on the St. Mary's are approaching 50F. Steelhead spawning activity is wrapping up, and many fish are dropping back. These dropbacks will provide good fly fishing action for another couple weeks before leaving the river. With the fairly stable weather patterns and warming temps, the first fresh Atlantic Salmon of the season should be arriving in the river in the next one to two weeks, with more to come as water temps continue to warm. Anglers are reporting catching some Atlantic Salmon now in the Detour area. There are still a few Atlantic Salmon kelts in the river, though it is likely that these fish are also dropping back at this time. Stay tuned for pics and further announcements! Don't forget to check out our Facebook page by following the link on the left side of this page.

Spring 2011

May 20, 2011

Fishing Report: Spring Steelhead action remains good! Water temps are warming slowly. The river is currently 43F near the St. Mary's Rapids. Smelt patterns proved to be effective today. Don't miss out on this awesome spring fishing, as it won't last forever!


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May 18, 2011

Fishing Report:  The fishing continues to remain productive! Water temps in N. Lake Huron are currently in the mid 40's. The St. Mary's River is running at 42F near the rapids. Steelhead spawning is in progress, and fishing should only improve during the next couple weeks. A variety of species are present in the St. Mary's at this time, including Coho, Steelhead, and Atlantic Salmon. The Coho's that we see this time of year are young fish and average 15-20". They are hungry and eager to strike a fly. The Atlantic Salmon in the river are Kelts, meaning they spawned this past fall and have remained in the river over the winter. They too are very aggressive, as they are currently working on putting on weight after a long, cold winter. It is amazing to see how quickly these fish recover from spawning. In another two or three weeks, it will be hard to tell these fish from the new arrivals. 


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May 11, 2011

Fishing Report:  Another not so pleasant day! Nothing like waking up to the sound of howling winds at 5am and knowing that the lake is already wide awake... The one advantage to days like today is the complete absence of fishing pressure. Only the adventurous go forth... or the crazy? We saw water temps this morning in the low 40's. The water was churned up and murky. Visibility was not much more than a couple feet at best. Chartreuse and firetiger patterns were productive. A chartreuse Murdich Minnow tied by Great Lakes Fly was today's top producer for Lake Trout. 


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May 10, 2011

Fishing Report:  Today was cold and windy, but nonetheless proved to be worth braving the elements on N. Lake Huron. There are some real trophy trout in these cool waters, and for some reason it seems like the fishing just gets better and better every season for Splake and Lake Trout. There have even been reports of Atlantic Salmon and Brown trout in these waters recently. Water temps in N. Lake Huron are currently in the upper 30's and low 40's. Water temps near shore are approaching the low 50's in some places. The St. Mary's River is approximately 41F below the rapids. This is an exciting time to be on the water, as mixed bags and big fish are likely to occur! 


huge trophy splake

May 4, 2011

Fishing Report: Steelhead fishing has been pretty good in many of the Lake Superior and Lake Huron tribs. Coho action has also been good around the Lake Superior shoreline. Splake and Lake Trout action is good in Northern Lake Huron (updates and photos to come soon). The St. Mary's Guide Co. is preparing a new boat for the 2011 season. We expect the month of May to provide excellent fishing opportunities, especially given the cool spring we've had. Please contact us for more info or to book your trips, and be sure to check back soon for further updates. We would also like to invite you to follow us on Facebook by "Liking" our Facebook page. To do this, simply click the link on the left side of this page. We'll be posting updates on our Facebook page throughout the season as new fishing reports are posted. You may also hear about specials that are only available to our Facebook followers. 



Winter 2011


Fishing Report: Ice fishing was good this winter! Capt. Travis claimed a 1st place finish in the Annual Chassell Bay Crappier Showdown!The perch and crappie fishing were really good through ice out! Cool temps kept the ice in good condition through late March. Ice fishing charters will be available throughout the Upper Peninsula beginning next December. Please inquire if interested. Large groups can be accommodated!